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  • Make my job easier: User Stories

    Second post mostly aimed at business owners. As the previous about why I won’t sign your NDA, this is mainly a summary of experiences based on building various projects in the context of our upcoming MVP Labs (more on that later).

  • Why I won't sign your NDA

    Since I started as a freelance beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of business owners, most of them in the very early stages of their venture. Most of them are coming to me to get either technical advice or to develop their MVP, but we normally start by just having a simple discussion about their business.

  • A piece of advice to new developers

    Third post inspired by my experience as a coach at LeWagon Bootcamp - and by some experience with hiring and working with junior developers or more precisely developers looking for their first job.

  • Delaying Decisions

    Second post inspired by my experience as a coach at LeWagon Bootcamp. For those that missed the first, it’s just there.

  • 10% working is better than 80% not working

    For the last 9 weeks, I’ve been working with a session of LeWagon Bootcamp students. I’m used to coach developers, but this was the first time in many years that I was coaching total beginners again, and that gave me new insights about the way we learn to program, and also on some typical problems people face when learning.

  • Decision Making

    Decisions are an integral part of a development’s team work. Whether it is about priorities, methodologies, tools to use, we always have to settle on something. This is even more true for startups, where all the business and financials decisions are added to the pure development ones.

  • New Beginings!

    After three good years at Pull Review, I’ve started as a freelance developer. Wanted to see more companies, to experiment more too.

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